Don’t miss your prom due to hard times



We have had over 300 Prom dresses donated to help those who thought there would be no chance to attend their prom. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. We are thankful to those who donated. Visit us at our location for help.

Help us restore hope to our neighbors in Ewing

Each and everyone of us have gone through something drastic that may have changed our life. Our friends in Ewing have faced a destruction that has disconnected themselves from comfort. March 5th, Ewing Township had an explosion damaging as many as 55 houses. Some are left homeless. What if that were your house or your family? As united people we need to stand up and help our friends. The meaning of help is to make it easier or possible for somebody to do something that one person cannot do alone by providing assistance. You don’t need to spend all of your energy and money to help, caring can ease their pain. These families have lost a lot during this travesty and your donations will help and restore this community. We don’t ask for much but to come together and donate today.   See our Donations for Ewing page on how you can help.


Restoring Hope to Families